Madamettes: Brittany from Bites of Style

  Eat like you want to look….. Fabulous! We caught with Ms. Brittany in Chelsea to get the details of her upcoming fashion/food presentation: Bites of Style. What Is Bites of Style? Brittany:… Continue reading

NYFW: Street Style

  N E W  Y O R K   F A S H I O N   W E E K S T R E E T   S T Y L E:… Continue reading

Madame The Queen: The Chic Huntress

        H U N T R E S S:  A woman who goes after what she wants no matter what gets in her way. Devoted to her passions and loyal… Continue reading

Editor’s Wardrobe Play: “Jean-ius” Part 1

  “J E A N- I U S ”  pronounced: G E N I U S  For the gurls who can rock a mean pair of jeans……   Jean pieces are mandatory must… Continue reading

Cropping Fall.

  Wait just a sec… don’t store away those cropped tops just yet!  Fall is another great season to rock some of the summer’s most loved trends. Layer any cropped top or sweater… Continue reading

Same Motto. Different Beat.

  The Madamette Diaries has a new blog home! This fall get ready for an overload of  career, fashion and beauty secrets from some of the best Madamettes around town. Were following them… Continue reading