Haute Holiday 2014 PT.2





You’ve recently looked in your closet and noticed countless birthday dresses that you’ve yet to wear again. You’re the summer baby so that means bright colors and shinny fabrics overflow. You’ve opted out of giving them way yet you don’t know how to Re-Work them and afraid of what the mean girls might say. Girl! Get over yourself, get the most of your pieces. We have one rule when it comes to fashion: Wear what makes you feel good because you’ll look good. Whomever believes you should wear a birthday dress once or that neons aren’t good holiday colors…. well this blog isn’t for them. We be wearing everrry thing and everrry color under the sun. Cheer up. Tiz the season

Wardrobe: Each Madamette wears their birthday dress with a few of their favorite fall pieces and Moni&J handbags.

Creative Director: Madame The Queen

Assistant: Taima Rae

Photographer: Shawn Hodge