Madamettes: Jenna Devito

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We had the pleasure of hanging out with Ms. Jenna Devito, a fashion and retail expert, in one of NYC’s exciting areas: Union Square Park. We asked about her life in the industry and how she continues to stay in love with fashion. She answered it with smirks and smiles, all of this is limited edition pieces. Who says you can’t wear BCBG Max Azria runway around town? You know our Madamettes are always about it!


Madame The Queen: How would you describe your style?

Jenna DeVito:  My style is a combination of Soho edge and uptown chic.

MTQ: Your Favorite places to shop?

Jenna DeVito:  Saks 5th Avenue. I like to call it, Heaven on 5th!! Its a one stop shop. I take the express elevator straight to the most fabulous shoe store on earth and then work my way back down.

MTQ: I conquer!!!!! I bet working there had to be amazing.

Jenna DeVito: Yes of course! I got the inside scoop to all the new fashion pieces for the seasons. Breath taking.

MTQ: How long have you beed working in high fashion retail?

Jenna Devito: Whoo. 9 years and counting.

MTQ: What do you love about it? What drives you insane?

Jenna Devito:  I love retail because I love being in the heart of fashion. It never bores me! It is ever changing; always reinventing itself. The part of retail that drives me insane, would have to be working sundays during football season!

MTQ: What are some of the leadership roles you’ve had? Which one taught you the most to carry you through?

Jenna Devito:  I’ve worked as a regional manager for Dolce & Gabbana time and jewelry, a visual manager at Victoria’s Secret Soho and A Assisting Store Manager at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I carried learning experiences from each role into every stage of my career. However, the common thread which has been significant in my success, that I learned early on, is the importance of building relationships. Investing in your team, your clients and your network is essential.

MTQ: Which designers are your ultimate favorites?

Jenna DeVito: Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino. They simply know how to make women look beautiful.

MTQ: Very true. Valentino runway shows take a piece of my soul every time. You mentioned beautiful women. Who is your style crush?

Jenna DeVito:  Blake Lively is amazing. She resonates old hollywood with an edgy twist. She is glamorous, confident, sexy and cool. The list can go on. Most importantly she dresses her self. No stylist needed!

MTQ: What is the must have piece(s) for your everyday look?

Jenna DeVito: A pair of high heels and a leather jacket are essentials to my life. Flats are foreign to my feet!

We heart Jenna and I know you do too! Follow her on instagram @jdiva