Madamettes: Brittany from Bites of Style


Eat like you want to look….. Fabulous!

IMG_6254 IMG_6260 IMG_6202

IMG_6246We caught with Ms. Brittany in Chelsea to get the details of her upcoming fashion/food presentation: Bites of Style.

What Is Bites of Style?

Brittany: Bites of Stye is a collaborative event where my partner, Tiffiny Monae, a wardrobe stylist and I, intermix fashion and fine dining.

MTQ: Wow. That’s pretty dope.

Brittany: Yes cooking is my life. Preparing food is an art. It’s just like putting together an outfit, you need just the right ingredients. That’s what gives Bites of Style the edge. Were giving people what they love the most, food and well… fashion.

MTQ: How does your caribbean culture influence your art?

Brittany: Being Jamaican, we are known to to be fierce individuals. No one is able to tell us other wise.With this confident and domineering persona, we chase after what we want. My people are colorful and bold, which is where I get my inspiration from. The spices, the colors, the flavors….. it stems from the beautiful island of wood and water.

MTQ: Delicious. How long have you beed cooking?

Brittany: Ever since I was a very little girl. I’ve always had to help out in the kitchen. We had family dinner almost every night. Growing up McDonald’s was a treat, something we only ate on saturdays.

MTQ: I can definitely relate.


MD: Who would you love to cook for? Why?

Brittany: I would have to say Gabrielle Hamilton, the executive chef and owner of Prune. I love that she was inspired by Italian cuisine and learning about her upbringing and seeing where she comes from, I think she would really appreciate my style of cooking.

MTQ: What’s Your Favorite Meal?

Brittany: Now thats hard to decide. It would have to be between my mother’s stew chicken with rice and peas or her curry goat with white rice and a ton of gravy.

Fashion Scoop: Brittany has a spunky yet versatile style and is a huge fan super and junkie of thrift shopping.

Brittany’s Style Crush? Her partner Tiffiny Monae. “This girl can dress to the T. Her details and coordination is on point. Her wardrobe puts mines to shame”.

Favorite Designer? “An up and coming designer names Space. He is very Avant-Garde with an Rick Owens flare”.

Wardrobe Details: 

White shoes from Top Shop, American Apparel leotard, skirt from American Rag and bag is from Tano New York.

Written by Madame The Queen.

Stay tuned for the Bites of Style event coverage!