Spring 2015 Style: Chic Done Easy

Were so excited Spring is here and it’s been a long time coming. Which is why there is no surprise we have plenty of request to list our most loved trends, places to… Continue reading

Haute Holiday 2014 Pt.3

You can never over do it and if they say you did well they simply don’t know how to do it. Pile on the layers and outrageous accessories. Go over aboard. Don’t worry… Continue reading

Haute Holiday 2014 PT.2

You’ve recently looked in your closet and noticed countless birthday dresses that you’ve yet to wear again. You’re the summer baby so that means bright colors and shinny fabrics overflow. You’ve opted out… Continue reading

Haute Holiday 2014 PT 1

You know our holiday looks wouldn’t be typical! Real and fuax furs, red lips ( dark or bright), leather thigh-high boots and ridiculous sequin dresses are a few of our favorite things this… Continue reading

Madamette: Isabelle “IZZI”

w   Let’s just say we get a high from meeting dope women. No matter how many we encounter, each time is like the first time. Coming across Isabelle “Izzi”, from the accessories… Continue reading

Street Style: Williamsburg, Brooklyn Part I

W I L L I A M S B U R G’ S   über Cool Streets              

NYC Events: ODDs & EVENs


Wardrobe Play: Madame Noir

Madamettes are always a little provocative……. 

NYFW F14: street Style

  Photos Snapped by @eyeluvly @eyeartsht

Madamettes: Danni @EyeLuvly @Eyeartsht

The Marketing Bad A$$   The Collaboration…… Having Danni, a marketing and visual consultant  apart of the Madamette team, is well… only right. Her passion for art and fashion is beyond obvious. She… Continue reading